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Join our Discord for free, if you like what you see then you can upgrade for full access.
Current price is only £15 per month for access to: 

Live Videos
Chat Groups

Personal Finance


Cancel at anytime

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How To Join

You will need to have Discord on your desktop and/or mobile device. Here is a video taking you through the easy process of joining the Spartan Wealth Academy.


We strive to give real value to our loyal community members. Early members will receive more of a one-to-one experience as well as a discounted price, a free NFT and exclusive giveaways.

Live Sessions

We hold a poll for members to vote on which subject they would like a live. Here is a live we held on trading to give you an idea of how they run.

Free NFT

SWA NFTs.png

The first 300 paying members will receive a free Spartan Elite NFT. By holding the NFT you will be entered into a quarterly draw to win prizes. The earlier you are in, the more chance you have of winning! Prizes start from $50, up to $300 worth of crypto. 

If you are new to Crypto and/or NFTs and have no experience. We have a guide on how to set yourself up safely, and how you will receive the NFT. 

Games & Giveaways 

Giving back to the Spartans who support the group is extremely important to us. For this reason, all prizes will be scaled with the success of the SWA Discord, and prizes for paying members will be worth a greater value. 

Name Your Price

An easy game predicting the future price of crypto assets. Prizes will be based on roles in the Discord. Paying Members will receive crypto prizes and non paying members will receive a weeks free trial to the SWA premium Discord. 
If you're not sure how to read charts yet, we have a free educational series in the Discord to get you started.


We are constantly developing and adding new content to the SWA. If you have any questions or topics that you would like covered. Please ask in the Discord and we may respond with new content or a live session.


As the Discord grows, our pricing will scale. This way if you are one of the early members you will benefit from content focused to your needs as well as a discounted price. Your subscription will remain the same for as long as it stays active.

£15 a month for the first 50 members
£30 a month up to 300 members
£60 a month thereafter. 

What Is Discord?

Discord Logo

Discord is a voice, video and text chat app that is widely used to make community groups. Each community is called a server, so you will be joining the Spartan Wealth Academy Discord server. Users gain access to Discord from a mobile device and/or computer. In order to join the Spartan Wealth Academy Discord server you will need to create a free Discord account which you can do here.

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